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       5 Mar 2008       

Subject: Politics     Thoughts post Ohio/Texax

....It is March 5, Hilary is still alive after winning Ohio by 10% of so. And since pita Kevin has been haranguing me, a short post is in order.

But she had to delve into some dirty politics to do pull it off.

Should Obama respond in kind? It's not like Hilary is a saint? Or should he stick to the narrow differences in policy, and keep the high ground. It's tough, since his campaign is largely energized by a "we are going to change the way it works". Getting all negative and nasty would help blunt Hilary's tactics, but at the price of loss of luster.

In any case, it may be a necessary thing -- there is NO WAY he wouldn't have faced this kind of attack. So although I can't be happy with Hilary, I can't condemn her.

Bottom line: the dems had better figure out a way to decide this thing in early summer. It's going to take a month or so for the losers to get unpissed off. If it takes a later summer convention to finalize the deal, that means the pre-general-election "everyone all together" phase will be kind of short.

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